Column kirchentag godless: god is rebellion, god is sexy

Now that everyone has left the church, religion is hot again. Like a super-good kebab store in Berlin-Mitte that nobody knows about yet.

The new hot shit: religion Photo: dpa

Shock your parents – do theology," a poster at the university cleverly advertises. Soon, there will no longer be debates in the taz about Bundeswehr ads, but about church ads. God is rebellion, God is sexy, now that everyone has left. Like a super-good kebab store in Berlin-Mitte that no one knows about yet.

Switching to a program of meaning and revelation when all the tubes in everyday life are aimed at the reception of YouTube documentaries and the perception of the seemingly insignificant, such as the behavioral patterns of escalators or city pigeons, meanwhile proves difficult for the children as well.

But nothing is impossible, and so that higher being whom we worship has stuffed a sign of his greatness and goodness into the hallway even for me, his most unreachable disciple (if only for lack of a full cell phone battery): the church newsletter. This may serve as a monstrance of what church is like on average for me and my kind, who actually do not exist, but in terms of redemptive aversion quite possibly do.

"I and the Father are one," it says in John 10:30 – or was it with Freud? In any case, it is written right on the second page, at the top, and below it the story of a discontinued "purification", of whose sign the R "had first fallen victim. This sign made me think. Shouldn’t there be an office there for ‘UNIFICATION’? With all the differences in politics and private life, something like that would really be necessary. It is always so good when you can agree. But how often you don’t manage to do that."

Well said, spirit of Christianity! And whoever first thinks of the GDR or neoliberal discourse politics when he thinks of "unification," which is pretty much the same thing, should convert. Or how?

A life without fear?

So, unreconciled, I’m going to the Kirchentag in Dortmund, my first, by the way, and will paint vulvas there, experience spiritual laying on of hands, experience Godly Play stories, possibly with the Dortmund Children’s Fire Brigade.

I’m especially looking forward to the discussion about entrepreneurship and church and the main topic "fear": German Angst is the topic there, What kind of fear and, almost apocalyptic, a life without fear?!

Church congresses among evangelical Christians means taking seriously what is negotiated, discussed, pondered and directly addressed there.

In Dortmund the focus is on topics such as migration, feminism, climate and the environment. Typical taz topics, in other words.

That’s why we are also accompanying the Kirchentag: on site and with four daily special pages in the newspaper. The taz Panter Foundation has sent 9 young journalists to the Ruhr region for this purpose.

That does indeed seem difficult to imagine. And so it only remains for me to once again give you pious words from the accompanying booklet of the Kiez-Kirchen-Holle.

It is about a church service designed by confirmation students. "Coincidentally, right in the rows where we were sitting, our son walked by and posed the question, ‘What is the most important thing in life?’ We made eye contact, and I answered him very spontaneously: ‘the family.’ He had to smile at that, maybe a bit bashfully. I’m sure he was thinking: ‘my mother again’. It was a beautiful moment."

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