3 Insights to recognize a Multi-Billion Market Opportunity

Although you may aren’t an associate of the Dollar Shave Club, guess what happens it is.

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

Everybody’s been raving about Dollar Shave Club’s $1 billion July sell to CPG behemoth Unilever. And once and for all reason. It’s an excellent market case-study. Scrappy ecommerce firm goes after a big traditional market with high margins, shaving razors and exits with a smash.

Dollar Shave Club’s roaring success begs the question — how will you evaluate established markets in unconventional methods to uncover big opportunities? Big shaving companies were rich and happy. Dollar Shave Club attacked the marketplace in an innovative way and became a startup superstar.

3 Inspiring Business Lessons From Billionaire Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey

Like many seasoned entrepreneurs, Oprah Winfrey views failure as "another stepping stone to greatness.” On her behalf, it has been, and some.

In 1977, decades before she became a billionaire media mogul, she was fired from her job as a reporter at Baltimore’s WJZ-TV. Her boss said she was “unfit for television news.” She was “devastated,” but she didn’t quit.

The “queen of most media” quickly rose from rejection and found her calling in daytime TV. Then came her eponymous talk show and 25 internationally syndicated seasons of success. The Mississippi native later launched her publication club, magazine and TV network. Today, she sits at the helm of a multi-billion-dollar media empire.

Beware of a fresh Sort of Business Identity Theft

For most companies, avoiding identity theft means taking steps to avoid the increased loss of data that may lead to financial fraud. But there is a different type of business identity theft emerging: online identity theft linked to review and social sites such as for example Yelp, Google, Facebook and UrbanSpoon.

Cyber criminals or other businesses hack into these sites to create false information regarding a company or illegitimate reviews — all with the intent to harm the business.

Beware the 1:42 p.m. Witching Hour at the job. Here’s Why.

It’s science, baby: Early afternoon may be the most stressful time of the workday. These 5 tips might help.

Stress from the center of the workday can hinder productivity, creativity and employee happiness. It even finds ways to affect employees’ home lives. According to a recently available Groupon survey, 1:42 p.m. — strangely enough — may be the most stressful period for employees. Survey participants said they felt similar degrees of stress at the job and in the home.


Regular exercise might help reduce stress, boost alertness throughout the day, and even improve your sleep quality.

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"You snooze, you lose!" That is clearly a rather common phrase to listen to around the office in virtually any business setting. Successful entrepreneurs sacrifice a lot more than just money when establishing a business. Especially through the first stages of launching, sleep and exercise slide down the priority set of many entrepreneurs. However, what most entrepreneurs don’t know is they can hit two birds with one stone if indeed they can manage to reserve an hour for training.

Need a Mental Break? The ‘Meet Cute’ Podcast Delivers Rom-Com Escape in 15-Minute Bursts

Naomi Shah’s podcast company packs original romantic comedies into 15-minute podcast episodes.

In this ongoing series, we are sharing advice, tips and insights from real entrepreneurs who are out there conducting business battle every day. (Answers have already been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Who are you and what’s your business?

Hello! I’m Naomi. I am the founder and CEO of a fresh entertainment company called Meet Cute.

Need a Post-Sandy Stress Reliever? Take Small Breaks

As entrepreneurs on the East Coast can attest, starting and owning a business doesn’t always go as planned.

Hurricanes and other natural disasters aside, on a number of days lunch is not a choice and working twelve or even more hours straight can look like the norm. But there exists a way to create these less overtly stressful moments better to handle.

Consider taking more breaks. It sounds simplistic, but breaks can in fact have a big influence on your overall health and wellness. Listed below are six simple and quick ideas for breaks that will assist you feel refreshed in only 5 minutes or less:

Stop Watching Likes and Shares and Track This Instead

The problem with vanity metrics is they don’t really actually cause you to more sales.

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

In the last decade, there’s been a dramatic shift in how brands have the ability to effectively market to consumers. It’s hard to assume that over this 10-year time frame, digital marketing has truly gone from its infancy to accounting for the average 41 percent of marketing spend.

Stop Saying YOU DO NOT HAVE Time to start out a Business. Make Time With These 6 Tips.

Think about just how many amazing business ideas are left on the shelf to get dust because they’re not pursued. Dreams are left to die because their creators assumed that he / she didn’t have enough time to start out a business. Just what a horrible excuse.

When you have a concept for a business, do it now. Why? Because in the event that you don’t, you are likely to regret it and you may be passing on a really amazing experience.

“I’ll start it next year.” Imagine if there isn’t a next year?“I’m uncertain if this is the time.” In the event that you don’t do it, another person will.“I don’t have enough time now.” Make enough time.

Stop Looking for ‘The Next Big Thing:’ Tips for Building the very best Business for you personally

As driven as you may be to launch another Google, Apple or Facebook, the procedure of identifying a good idea could be intimidating. Many would-be entrepreneurs become so worried about creating “ANOTHER Big Thing” that they become paralyzed and can’t progress.

That’s obviously wii predicament. Listed below are five steps for seeing past your thirst for greatness, and instead simply creating a great product and company:

1. Recognize your skills. The avenues to internet success inspire many young entrepreneurs. Handful of these individuals are centered on the “big idea,” however. They’re thinking about how they are able to use their knowledge and skills to create a viable business.