Taz research on “hannibal” network: direct line to the office for the protection of the constitution

The association Uniter e.V. trains civilians in military tactics. An employee of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution co-founded it.

Here works a man who sat on the founding board of Uniter e.V. Photo: dpa

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution has a direct link to the association Uniter e.V., which has come under the spotlight in connection with a far-right network with members from security agencies: According to research by the taz, an employee of the Baden-Wurttemberg State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV) co-founded the association and even sat on the board. This has been proven by several independent sources. At the beginning of 2017, the man resigned from the association’s board, according to internal association documents obtained by taz. However, he is still entered in the association’s register.


Coalition agreement in baden-wurttemberg: green-black mumbling

Confidential information about the coalition agreement is increasingly causing problems for the Green-Black coalition in Baden-Wurttemberg. Now new secret agreements become known.

Grinse cheeks: Winfried Kretschmann and Thomas Strobl with the coalition agreement Photo: dpa

The Green-Black coalition in Baden-Wurttemberg wants to cut staff, raise taxes and cut the budget of local authorities – but initially concealed this plan from both the public and its own members of parliament. As reported by the Sudwest Presse in Ulm, the measures are part of secret side agreements to the coalition agreement. According to the report, the documents bear the signatures of Minister President Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) and his deputy Thomas Strobl (CDU).


Novel about everyday life in moscow: luxury without scruples

In his novel "Revolution," Belarusian author Viktor Martinovich tells of corruption and the intoxication of power in Moscow.

Without scruples: The beauties of the Moscow night Photo: Daniel Biskup/laif

Speeding along Moscow’s streets under a steel concrete gray sky and being sure: no one will stop a car like this one. Plus vodka, caviar and The Prodigy at full volume, music "for all evil spirits, for killers, for denunciators." Viktor Martinovich’s new novel tells of Russia’s evil spirits, the intoxication of power and pervasive corruption.