Pedophilia scandal in france: he was 50, she 14

Publisher Vanessa Springora reports on her ex’s pathological sexuality in a book. Now the author is under investigation.

Describes her experiences without shyness: Vanessa Springora Photo: Opale/afp

When Vanessa Springora speaks of Gabriel Matzneff, she uses the terms of the hunt. She calls the well-known French writer the predator, herself his prey. For decades, the publishing director says she suffered from the relationship that the then 50-year-old Matzneff forced on her, the then 14-year-old. Until she wrote about her experiences in a book – and triggered a pedophilia scandal in France.


Power and theater: putting anders breivik on stage

The scientific-artistic conference "Power and Dissent" examined mechanisms of staging and aesthetic representation of state power.

Actress Sascha o. Soydan with director Mio Rau during rehearsals for "Breivik’s Declaration." Image: dapd

After the many lectures and discussions at the "Power and Dissent" congress, which took place from October 19 to 21 in summery Weimar, one is still a little confused.


Relotius scandal at “spiegel”: fraud, vanity, failure

Der Spiegel" has closed the Relotius investigation. But the scandal had systemic causes, say two former editors.

The noble feathers preferred to keep to themselves Photo: Art Lasovsky/Unsplash

It is now Steffen Klusmann’s job to promise that everything will be better after the disaster. On Saturday, the Spiegel editor-in-chief sat on a podium in Hamburg and had to face agonizing questions. On the case of the forger Claas Relotius, on Spiegel’s editorial culture, on his company’s handling of truth and fiction.


Vote-buying scandal in colombia: two presidents and a drug lord

President Ivan Duque apparently had votes bought during the 2018 election campaign. The drug dealer who did it for him has since been murdered.

Elected president of Colombia with the help of illegal vote buying? Ivan Duque Photo: reuters

If it weren’t for the corona virus, Colombia would have just one topic right now: the scandal about bought votes in the 2018 presidential election campaign. The protagonists: a murdered drug trafficker, a former president and the current president Ivan Duque.