Where do trash cans actually hang?: the anarchy of the garbage can

Urban wastebaskets today look like pop stars and talk like them, too. But whenever you need one, there isn’t one – why?

Where tourists cavort, trash piles up. Image: dpa

It’s a paradox: trash cans are everywhere and yet invisible. A young woman, for example, leaves a fast-food restaurant on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, holding a paper cup with the rest of her drink. She takes another sip, then throws it into the orange trash can hanging from a lamppost in front of the restaurant. The movement seems unconscious, routine. She hardly notices the bucket. Nor does the pensioner who, a little later, sinks a handkerchief into it – he does it casually.


World player of the year: ronaldo again

Manuel Neuer is not named the best soccer player. But other Germans can rejoice: Joachim Low is the world coach and Nadine Kebler the best female soccer player.

Nadine Kebler is the best female soccer player of the past year. Also in the picture: Cristiano Ronaldo. Picture: ap

Manuel Neuer did not feel at all like a loser on the German evening in Zurich. "For me, it’s a complete success," said the world champion goalkeeper anything but contrite as he left the Fifa gala on Monday evening after personally missing out on being crowned World Footballer 2014.


Us pressure on chinese app tiktok: trump bans business

In the conflict over the video app, the US president issues an executive order to force its sale. Also affected is WeChat. TikTok is fighting back.

The US president maintains a long obsession with China Photo: ap

U.S. President Donald Trump is apparently seeking to force the sale of the popular Chinese video app’s U.S. business with a new executive order against Tiktok. With the order, which is set to take effect in 45 days, Trump is banning U.S. citizens from "doing business" with Bytedance, the app’s owner. The app poses a "threat" to national security, the order released Thursday evening (local time) said. The app collects large amounts of user data and could allow the Chinese Communist Party to spy on Americans, it said.


Case against amy cooper dropped: just. But for whom?

After a racist phone call, the investigation against Amy Cooper is dropped. She takes therapy sessions instead.

A video of the birdwatcher proves the threat to Amy Cooper is made up Photo: Christian Cooper/ap

On May 25, 2020, the day African American George Floyd was killed by police officers, Amy Cooper called the police in New York’s Central Park for racial reasons. Black birdwatcher Christian Cooper had earlier asked her to leash her dog, as is required in that section of the park. White Amy Cooper then placed an emergency call, claiming that an African American man was threatening her life.


Us astronaut transports planned: nasa wants to emancipate itself

The dependence on Russia is to be ended. That is why Nasa, together with Boeing and SpaceX, will once again transport astronauts into space itself.

Allegedly on the moon: Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin. Picture: ap

Nasa wants to launch its space missions from American soil again in the future. On Tuesday, the U.S. space agency selected aircraft manufacturer Boeing and private company SpaceX to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) in the coming years. The target date for the first launch from Cape Canaveral is 2017. But safety standards will not be sacrificed to meet the deadline at any cost, Nasa stressed.


New album from mouse on mars: on their own planet

Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma are Mouse on Mars. "Dimensional People" is the name of their new work. It is the most convincing for a long time.

Have collaborated with 50 musicians on their new album: Mouse On Mars Photo: Nicolai Toma

In a video clip by the electronic duo Mouse on Mars, a horde of people wander through a swampy area. They are friends and colleagues from long ago in Dusseldorf and Cologne. They wear wigs, second-hand clothes and signs. Although Mouse on Mars act as a twosome per se, they are always also a social system that draws wider circles.


New study on wealth distribution: more and more for the few

People in Germany are getting richer and richer – but the unequal distribution of wealth remains as great as ever. Real estate ownership plays a role in this.

Those who own an apartment here tend to have no financial worries: old buildings in Berlin Photo: dpa

Real estate makes the difference: People in Germany have accumulated more wealth in recent years. However, it is still very unevenly distributed in an international comparison.


Investigation by stiftung warentest: poor safety with rental bikes

Various bikesharing providers were tested for road safety and data protection. The results leave much to be desired.

Rental bikes in Germany: not such a good idea. Maybe Swiss bikes are better companions? Photo: dpa

Rental bikes that can be booked via smartphone app, which are now part of the street scene in many cities, are often unsafe, according to Stiftung Warentest. Of six providers examined, four failed, as the testers announced on Tuesday. Convince could only Nextbike and Call a Bike of the German course, which received in each case the note "good".


New building with nazi past: “kuhne and nagel or nothing”.

The Green Party’s spokesman on construction policy, Robert Bucking, believes there is no alternative to the new Kuhne+Nagel building on the Weser. However, he sees some open questions

Site of the action: the headquarters of Kuhne & Nagel, here in its first version. Photo: Archive

site: Mr. Bucking, in what cost corridor could the price per square meter for a building plot on the right bank of the Weser range? Let’s say at the level of the Kaisen Bridge.


After murder of freiburg student: unaccompanied multiple offender

The suspected murderer of women in Freiburg is said to have been convicted in Corfu. The police now confirmed that the fingerprints were identical.

The crime scene: At the Dreisam in Freiburg, candles commemorate the crime Photo: dpa

The suspected murderer of Freiburg student Maria L. apparently already committed attempted murder of a woman in Corfu in 2013. This was revealed by research conducted by Stern. His lawyer at the time also confirmed his identity based on photos, according to agency reports. "Yes, this is the young man I defended in 2013. I have no doubts," lawyer Maria-Eleni Nikopoulou told dpa. According to the report, Hussein K., who is currently serving time in Freiburg on suspicion of murder, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Greece in 2014. Apparently, the Greek authorities released him after only one and a half years.