Before the thuringia election: hocke stirs up debate

AfD right-winger Bjorn Hocke wants to run his own candidate in Thuringia. That could make it easier for Bodo Ramelow to win re-election.

Look me in the eye, Mike: Bodo Ramelow (r.) on the evening of the 2019 Thuringian state election Photo: dpa

The state leader of the Thuringian AfD, Bjorn Hocke, has brought new movement into the debate about the election of the prime minister in Erfurt. On Wednesday, the AfD right-winger announced that his faction would put forward its own candidate. "We need a counter-candidate to Bodo Ramelow," Hocke said. He added that they were looking for a candidate who could rally a "middle-class majority" behind him. Time and again, the AfD, which is currently being investigated by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Thuringia, has tried to portray itself as middle-class and thus dock with the CDU and FDP. So far without success.


Parliamentary elections in iran: assembly of yes men

The parliamentary elections have made it clear that the regime that has ruled Iran for 41 years is a clerical dictatorship.

With Ali Khamenei at the helm, the hardliners can live well Photo: Office of the Iranian Supreme/ap

The regime in Iran can now safely remove the word republic from its name. For all those who still had doubts about it, it has become clear since Friday’s so-called parliamentary elections at the latest that the regime that has ruled Iran for 41 years is a clerical dictatorship. The parliament has been transformed into an assembly of yes-men loyal to the revolutionary leader by the preliminary election held by the Council of Guardians, which excluded dissenting candidates. It is true that the parliament has had no power to make fundamental decisions. But its existence could at least give the impression that the will of the people is somehow also taken into account in the Islamic Republic.


New figures from the security authorities: more armed right-wing extremists

Around 1,200 right-wing extremists in Germany legally own rifles or pistols, according to authorities. The number thus increased by just under 35% since 2019.

The number of known right-wing extremists with legal firearms rose significantly in 2020 Photo: Ute Grabowsky/photothek.net/imago

The number of right-wing extremists known to the authorities with gun permits has increased significantly in 2020. According to the German government in a response to a minor inquiry by the Left Party, security authorities had around 1,200 actual or suspected right-wing extremists on their radar nationwide at the end of December who legally possessed weapons – an increase of almost 35 percent compared to the end of 2019.


Afd member’s nazi past: paul voted out, paul running for office

AfD member Joachim Paul has been voted out of office as committee chairman in Rhineland-Palatinate. Nevertheless, he wants to run as state chairman.

Joachim Paul, AfD member of the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa

It took the Mainz media committee less than 15 minutes on Tuesday – that’s when the deputies had made parliamentary history. Unanimously, all representatives of SPD, CDU, Greens and FDP had voted out their committee chairman, AfD politician Joachim Paul. It was the first ever vote-out of a committee chairman in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament. The person concerned had not even appeared.


Conflict between israel and hamas: deaths, devastation, ceasefire.

The latest clash over Gaza may be over for now, but violence is on the rise. For the first time since the 2014 war, there have been so many deaths.

Balance of recent escalations: Four fatalities on the Israeli side, 27 dead in the Gaza Strip Photo: dpa

Four fatalities on the Israeli side, 27 dead in the Gaza Strip, hundreds injured and enormous devastation is the balance of the latest battle between Israel and Palestinian Islamists. In just two days, Israel’s air force bombed 350 targets in the Gaza Strip, from which, conversely, nearly 700 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel.


Reform judaism in hamburg: support for temple ruins

Where Reform Judaism took shape in 1817, remnants of the wall are crumbling today: Hamburg’s Liberal Jews* are campaigning to save the Poolstrabe Temple.

Listed and decaying: Remains of Hamburg’s liberal temple Photo: dpa

Why is there a brick on every chair? These pieces of brick are just lying around, says Galina Jarkova, looking at the backyard in Poolstrabe, Hamburg-Neustadt: What is crumbling away out there are the remains of a Jewish temple; the second one that Hamburg’s Reform Jewry operated here from 1844. The building survived the pogrom night in November 1938 – also because the location in the backyard would have endangered the houses next door (with their "Aryan" inhabitants) from the point of view of the arsonists.