Hospitalized for poisoning: attack on ex-spy?

A former Russian double agent and a woman are poisoned with an unknown substance in Great Britain. This is reminiscent of a case in 2006.

Police task forces park in front of a house where the former Russian intelligence officer is believed to live Photo: dpa

A mysterious poisoning of a former double agent is causing a stir in British intelligence circles and brings back bad memories. In the southern English city of Salisbury, two people were taken to hospital over the weekend with suspected poisoning by an "unknown substance" and have been wrestling with death in intensive care ever since. This was announced by the police on Monday. The man is believed to be a former spy from Russia who worked on behalf of the British and came to Britain as part of a prisoner exchange in 2010, according to the BBC. The case was reminiscent of the murder of the Kremlin opponent Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned with radioactively contaminated tea in 2006.


Warning of epidemic in syria: corona in times of ceasefire

In Idlib, Syria, the guns are silent. People are pouring into the streets. WHO begins first Corona tests in the rebel province.

Corona is a topic everywhere: street disinfection in the city of Kamishli in northeastern Syria Photo: Baderkhan Ahmad/ap

Relief organizations tirelessly warn, but long ago a catastrophe could be difficult to avert. In Idlib, Syria, hardly anyone has been tested for the coronavirus so far. Only now the first tests have begun, as the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Wednesday. That the virus has spared northwestern Syria would border on miraculous, even though Idlib is largely – but not completely – cut off from the outside world.


Thrombosis due to hormonal contraception: risk factor contraceptive pill

Birth control pills containing drospirenone may carry a higher risk of thrombosis. In the USA, more attention must now be drawn to this fact.

Is there a risk of thrombosis in the contraceptive pill? Image: AllzweckJack/

When Susan Tabbach woke up in January 2009 with a pain in her left breast in the middle of the night, her first thought was of sore muscles. The then 29-year-old had just come from a skiing vacation.


Dispute with stiftung warentest: when is sunscreen allowed to burn?

An organic suntan lotion receives a "poor" rating from the testers. The manufacturer now accuses the foundation of having used an incorrect procedure.

Should actually help to stay in a good mood: sunscreen in use Photo: dpa

After losing the legal dispute with Ritter Sport last year, Stiftung Warentest is now facing trouble again. This time it is about the just published sun protection test, in which 19 products with the sun protection factors were tested. Many products, including very inexpensive ones, scored "good". However, one biologically effective product was rated "poor".


Robin nandy of unicef vaccination program: “it gives me sleepless nights”.

Unicef vaccinates half the world’s children against deadly diseases. Covid-19 vaccines are threatening overuse, says program director Robin Nandy.

Polio vaccination in Ethiopia: Many such programs have been halted because of the pandemic Photo: Tadesse/UNICEF

site: Mr. Nandy, in recent months Unicef has repeatedly warned of the consequences of the pandemic for children worldwide. There is a threat of a lost generation. Do we have a crisis within a crisis?


Cruelty to animals in lower saxony: death in the pasture

A farmer from Papenburg lets his cows die in agony. Despite repeated criticism, the Milchkontor has only now ended the cooperation

Dragged to the pasture to die: Evidence photos from Peta document the cruelty of a Lower Saxony farmer Photo: Peta

The images are hard to bear: filthy cow carcasses, severed forelegs and emaciated cattle lying around in the meadow, too weak to stand up. The animal rights organization Peta has now published photos of a dairy farm in the district of Emsland to draw attention to the neglect and misery of the animals.


Dispute over psycho-diagnoses: what is normal?

The new edition of the diagnostic manual for mental illness in the USA is causing controversy. Experts fear that healthy people will be labeled as sick.

Sadness – if it lasts longer than two weeks, it could already be defined as depression. Picture: dpa

What is sick – and what is still healthy or normal? The new psychiatric manual from the United States will not be available until mid-May, but the dispute over it has been simmering for years. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) wants to officially publish the guide to mental disorders (DSM-5) at its annual meeting. Hundreds of experts, including some Germans, have worked on it for more than a decade, putting the classification of depression, anxiety or schizophrenia to the test. The DSM was first published in 1952.


Pilot project in bremen’s daycare centers: organic food at low prices

Organic food in daycare centers doesn’t have to be expensive. It is possible for up to 15 percent additional financial outlay.

Only the anticipation of organic food is priceless Photo: Dominik Koos

For ten months, three municipal daycare centers in Bremen prepared meals using only certified organic ingredients as part of the pilot project "More Organic in Bremen Daycare Centers. The result: organic nutrition is possible at an additional financial cost of 10 to 15 percent. On average, an organic meal is 23 cents more expensive than conventionally prepared meals.