Cake on afd functionary: the clown did it!

The Peng collective goes after Beatrix von Storch with a cream cake. Justification: As a last resort, the use of cream cakes should be allowed.

For a rule-compliant tort, the bottom cut here could already be too thick. Photo: dpa

The question is, of course, as always: Where does the border run? It’s about Germany’s land borders, the limits of public debate and, in this case, the limits of good taste. Beatrix von Storch, member of the European Parliament and AfD state chairwoman in Berlin, got a pie in the face on Sunday – at a non-public party meeting in Kassel’s Pentahotel.

There, the federal program commission of the so-called Alternative for Germany (AfD) was just meeting to decide on the future program of the far-right party – when two members of the Peng collective entered the room. One came dressed as a clown, sang a birthday song and finally threw a cream cake right into the AfD politician’s face. The scene is documented in an Internet video. He was then held by the AfD members in the hotel until the police arrived – and temporarily arrested him. He has since been released. The second activist escaped unrecognized.

The art activists around the Peng collective have repeatedly made headlines in the past with sensational actions – most recently, for example, with the intelligence campaign Intelexit or in 2015 with a campaign in support of fugitives. In Kassel, it should probably be precisely about the treatment of refugees in Germany. Most recently, the right-wing politician von Storch was criticized for statements on the use of firearms at the German border.

The Peng collective now argues along the lines of Beatrix von Storch and partly in her style. In a "confessional letter," it says that a member of the Peng collective today "made use of a cream pie to secure the moral outer border." The rhetoric alludes to the verbiage of the right-wing AfD, from whose ranks there have recently been repeated calls for a crackdown on displaced persons from Arab countries. "Currently," the letter continues, "the use of pies is the moral imperative of the hour. Pie-throwing is a last resort on the border tree to inhumanity and the most urgent expression of direct democracy."

Torture knows rules

Currently, the parliamentary as well as extra-parliamentary left in Germany is excitedly discussing which means can be used to combat the public shift to the right as well as the increasing xenophobic attacks in Germany. The cake as a political weapon is largely frowned upon in Germany. In other European countries, however, the cream cake is used more regularly.

One of the cultivators of cake throwing is the Belgian Noel Godin, who has proclaimed an International of Confectioners. According to this, a member of the International Cake Throwers can be anyone who uses only cream and fluffy sponge cake for his cakes to protect the humiliated – and says "Gloub" three times just before the throw.

At least that’s what the now arrested Peng activist also claims about himself. He told the taz after his release that he had said "Gloub" three times quietly before throwing the cake. The Peng collective wants to provide additional proof that von Storch only used materials that comply with international torture guidelines in a tweet. According to this, the cake had a total value of 5.97 euros. So where does the boundary of good taste lie?

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