3 Key Characteristics of the greatest Startup CEOs

Wanna flourish in the startup world? You’re gonna need a laser-like focus and the capability to turn into a sponge — for learning purposes, that’s.

When you consider the world’s top startups and at their CEOs, you find similar characteristics over the board. Startup CEOs are crazy enough to start out a company from scratch and strong enough to create a rock-solid team around their idea.

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As a startup CEO, you will likely believe that your company’s weight is on your own shoulders, whilst every decision you make can have a profound effect on your success. Made the incorrect hire and today feeling scared to fire him/her? Too bad. Just one single bad player could ruin the culture you’ve spent months building, so firing is most likely your very best choice.

Made a decision to target the incorrect market? Better make a pivot before it’s too late.

Startup CEOs have to think on the feet and adjust to every situation. And, if you are a CEO, your startup is probable almost an extension of you. You see it constantly and always have to be prepared to pitch.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a company or already started one, observe how you fit with the most typical characteristics of startup CEOs described below.

When times get tough, the tough progress. As every startup CEO knows. that journey to success is a roller coaster. But even if you are the CEO, and you start going downhill, you will not be ready to quit. It doesn’t matter how bootstrapped they could become, true entrepreneurs have to know ways to get by using what they have.

For a good example, turn to Josh Anton of Drunk Mode. When his company first started its mobile app that helps students remain safe on a particular date, it didn’t have even a developer. A lot of people would first venture out and discover a tech team. Anton started by interviewing potential customers. He knew that if he could prove people would utilize this app, he could then recruit a high notch developer.

Drunk Mode now has a lot more than 1.2 million downloads and frequently may be the most viral app of as soon as in the App Store.

If you’re thinking about starting a company, you almost certainly won’t have the funds, team or even enough time to do all you want to do. Rather than focusing on something with a huge amount of features, however, focus on a few and expand to something bigger. This may also mean starting in a single market and expanding.

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When Andy Altman was starting GigTown, an app that allows you to employ local musicians Uber-style, he knew he previously to spotlight one market. Though his desire was to launch nationwide, you start with one city made all of the difference.

GigTown were only available in NORTH PARK, gaining widespread attention from musicians, DJs, artists and even music festivals, like Kaboo. If GigTown had launched nationwide from the get-go, it wouldn’t experienced market to dive into and would have failed.

As an entrepreneur takes a learning curve. If you’re not ready to learn, consider leaving the startup world. You should be in a position to soak in everything and whatever you can, as being a sponge. The more you learn, the better.

Julian Wright, the founder of Shotzu, an on-demand photography service, learned in early stages that as a way to grow fast, he had a need to concentrate on a business-to-business model. For some Uber-like businesses, entrepreneurs concentrate on the business-to-consumer market. But after testing both markets, Wright realized that with the rise in popularity of food delivery services like Sooma Eats and Hungry, photography had turn into a vital dependence on these startups to photograph their culinary offerings.

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Though every startup CEO differs, most have similar characteristics that enable their capability to lead, scale and finally sell. If you’re thinking about starting a company, observe how you fit these characteristics to make sure that you too grow right into a stron

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