MC want saved Sterling

British media Manchester City is preparing a solid contract for Rahim Sterling, journalist Nicola Shira also writes about it on her twitter, the club is worried about the situation with the team not getting into European cups and will try to keep their main stars, so the townspeople are ready to pay Rakhim 20 million euros per year, provided that he prolongs the agreement with the team until 2024, we recall earlier there were rumors that the leading players of the townspeople are thinking about changing the team due to the fact that their current club was removed from the Champions League by the next two years, with regard to sterling, it’s unlikely that someone else will offer such a contract for 20 million solid money, but it all depends on the player’s ambitions and what he wants, the Champions League or money, but most choose the second, but again we repeat, as it seems to us, the punishment for the townspeople will be mitigated and the maximum of what should be expected is
removal from the euro tournaments for 1 season, we also want to remind you that it is possible that next year the city will be able to take part in the Champions League because the hearing on their case has not yet passed, and because of the epidemic, it’s not at all before, so the final verdict can only be pronounced in 2021, the corresponding punishment will take effect in 1 season.


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