Coutinho out this summer. Rent or sell?

In Barcelona, ​​they have already come to terms with the fact that Bavaria will not buy from them Philippe Coutinho, at least came out with that heading. The club has already begun to think what to do with the Brazilian after he returns from the lease. According to a source of blue garnet we decided to rent it again to Filippe, the management sees this decision as the most realistic at the moment, we want to remind you initially Barca wanted to sell Coutinho for 120 million but there were no potential buyers for that kind of money, then the club I decided to lower the price tag to 91, and then there’s silence, no one is going to sell the midfielder for nothing either, so renting is the most profitable solution at the moment, however some kind of buyer can always be found, miracles happen, for example, the media writes that Coutinho’s services Chelsea are interested, but the blue ones are also considering the option of renting a midfielder, and as in the case of Bavaria it is far from the fact that after it is over it will be bought back to you. Perhaps this is a good example of how high prices ruin a career as a good football player. Paying your time for Barcelona is not 120 million, and 60 – 70, you probably would have sold it for about the same price, respectively, the buyer would have been found without problems, and in this case, Barca can be understood, they want to recapture their money, but Coutinho is suffering because from this.


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