Barca gets rid of Dembele

According to AC publication, Catalan Barcelona intends to part with Usman Dembele this summer, it is reported that the club is tired of its constant injuries, also in Barcelona it is unhappy with its attitude to training, in general we want to remind you that this season the demobilization played only eight matches, unconditionally sooner or later any patience comes to an end, although in this in this case, Usman’s own fault is not there, it’s rather bad luck or fate as you like more, in the end he’s not hurting himself, certainly from the point of view of finances he’ll sell the right decision now, the price tag for the Frenchman will only fall every year, do not forget that at one time Barcelona paid 100 million euros for it; now it would be good to repay at least half of the money spent on it; there is hardly a team that agrees to pay more for it and assume all these risks. Barcelona is already looking for a replacement for Dembele.


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