Leipzig – Totemham. Day Results

Red Bull Leipzig defeated Totenham, the match ended 3–0 in favor of the Red Bull team, but after the first match this result was predictable, we recall the total score after two meetings 4–0, but the main commented on how his team was relegated from the Champions League spurs coach Jose Mourinho – , Sometimes difficult moments create a springboard for a successful future, there is no one to blame when a player gets injured in almost every match and then goes out of action for a month, this turned out to be a problem this season, but then m injuries haunted us constantly, I can’t blame the players, they gave everything we could prepared in a certain way, then a couple of hours before the start of the match I realized that Sanchez can’t play either, it’s very bad for everyone and I don’t think that anyone I could successfully resist such a situation. ” Yes, no doubt, this season a number of leading spur players spend in the infirmary, which certainly affects the quality of the game, in the midst
the season, the club lost Christian Erickson, which also contributed; however, Mourinho’s statistics have been astounding since he led the spurs, the team conceded thirty-eight goals,
only Aston Villa has more.


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